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Yola Analytics: Offering insight on your web performance

Keeping an eye on your web traffic is imperative to the success of your website.

It allows you to determine which of your marketing efforts are working to your benefit, gives you insight on where your audience is coming from and helps to locate and alleviate issues within your website.

And with the new Yola Analytics, checking on your web performance is as easy as clicking a link within your My Yola dashboard.

Screen shot of Yola Analytics on a computer screen

With our new Analytics, Yola Silver and Gold users have access to key metrics for free – no integration necessary. These metrics include useful information, such as:

  • Monthly tracking of unique visitors, visits and page views
  • Month-over-month and year-over-year change
  • Visitor data including average visit duration, percentage of repeat visitors and the persona of your audience
  • Origin of your traffic
  • User engagement

Yola users can access Analytics by selecting the Analytics link within the Site Traffic menu in the My Yola dashboard.

Accessing Analytics with Yola

Next, select which site you’d like to analyze.

Accessing Analytics on Yola

Last, select Analytics from your list of options.

Accessing Analytics with Yola

Voila! Your Analytics are ready for viewing.

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 9.55.40 AM

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