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Widget Wednesday: Share Me

We recently introduced “Social,” a new widget category complete with Google +1, Facebook and Twitter share buttons. You seemed to like them but we thought we could take it one step further for you social butterflies who want to let your site visitors promote your website using their choice of the 3.

Our new Share Me widget eliminates the need to format the individual share buttons to align on your website, saving you time and frustration. Simply drag and drop the Share Me widget onto your page, choose the button format you prefer from the 3 options we provide, then save and publish your site. When a visitor clicks on a button, they will be prompted to log into their social networking account and a story appears in their feed with a link back to your website.

Don’t you just love it when something good gets even better?

Share Me Widget

Mark N appreciates the time the Share Me widget has saved him. Have you already added it? Did you find it to be a useful tool in helping to promote your website?

1 thought on “Widget Wednesday: Share Me”

  1. Hi, I am trying to create a second site in my account but for some reason the widgets just disappeared? They are not hiding being hind any arrows. They are just gone. I let it sit for about a week thinking maybe it was the system up grading or something but no. I still can not edit text or do anything else with widgets. PLEASE HELP!!

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