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Widget Wednesday: Google Gadgets

Creating fresh content can be a challenging aspect of maintaining your website. Why not let Google Gadgets do some of the heavy lifting for you? With over 220,000 gadgets to choose from, you are sure to find something to spice up your site.

There are practical gadgets, like calendars and search bars, but there are also dynamic widgets that will refresh daily or weekly adding new content to your site ranging from news and photography to the weather. Useful content such as this is sure to keep site visitors returning to your website again and again.

To grab a Google Gadget for your site, open the “Widget Collections” folder and drag the Google Gadgets icon onto your page. A dialog box will appear with a space to paste your gadget code. If you don’t already have your code, select the link to head to Google Gadgets to search for and find your new gadgets.

Google Gadgets

  • Find the widget you want and click “Add to your webpage”
  • Configure your widget preferences.
  • When you are satisfied with your widget, click “Get the Code”.
  • Copy the code and go back to Yola.
  • Paste the code into the Yola dialog box and click “OK”.

That’s it, your gadget will be embedded in the page and ready for you to publish it to your site!

    from a 72-year old grandmother.