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Widget Wednesday: Flash SWF

We now have a simple way to upload flash files to your website, our Flash SWF widget! You can find the widget in the Multimedia section in Sitebuilder.

Simply drag-and-drop the widget to where you would like your flash file on your website.  You will then be given the option of uploading a new SWF file or browsing already uploaded files.

If you are uploading a new SWF file, choose the location on your computer and upload it.  You will then be given a dialog box with various editing options.

You can select the height and width of the file, the margin around it and how you would like to align it.  By selecting ‘Save’ your flash file will display on your Yola website.

Please note: In order to see flash, you will need the Adobe Flash plugin.  Flash will not work on mobile phones or iPads.