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Website of the Week: Stories out of Words

Stories Out of Words blends stunning design with strong copy for a beautiful site that’s a great experience on every page.

Site owner, writer, editor, and designer Kellie tells us she started Stories Out of Words at the end of 2010. Kellie had just helped a friend finish building a Yola site, and she decided to create her own to try to regain her confidence as a writer after a recent rough patch in her life. She made this gorgeous site by customizing  “Tastelessly PinkLady,” a free Yola Style. “I revamped the free template by swapping widgets around, changing banners and links, and experimented with all sorts of things.”

“What I love about Yola is that I can access my site and work on it any time, any place,” says Kellie. “It’s always a work in progress, and will change all the time. I also use a lot of the fantastic Yola features, like the contact form that feeds to my email.”

Kellie credits the work she’s been doing through her Yola site as helping her recover from a debilitating bout with mental illness. “Being online has let me still achieve and work and do what I love. My site has been a major factor in helping me rebuild who I am as a person, to realize that life is too short to not pursue happiness.”


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  • I have just checked out her site and I think it is really nice. No doubt it deserves to be featured here. Keep it up Kellie!

  • This is a lovely story, I’m going to check the site now.

  • Kellie’s site is delicate, fresh and creative. Creative genius even.

  • Congratulations to Kellie. This is very inspiring to me. THANK YOU, Yolla~!
    And ‘Thank You’, Kellie.

  • Hi

    A really good site,you can see a lot of thought has gone into the planing and building

  • Alberta

    Nice site!