Site Building Advice 12

Video: Add a database to your business website, code-free

One challenge many businesses may face is the ability to add database-driven functionality to their website. And the challenge comes two-fold; web applications such as searchable databases not only need a user-friendly interface for the front-end, but more importantly, they also require a database to be connected to the back-end for easy data capturing, storage, and updates. Traditionally, accomplishing the latter would only be possible through server-side programming such as PHP, ASPX, or ASP, with the help from a web developer.

Designed with tech-savvy business users in mind, Caspio provides an all-in-one platform for Yola users to build database-driven applications using point-and-click wizards instead of coding. With a centralized cloud database built into the platform, every Caspio-powered application is database-driven, which helps users streamline the entire process of app building and data management.

Yola users can easily add smart database-driven functionality such as submission forms, search interfaces, login pages, feedback systems, and more.

Caspio interfaces

Some of the most popular examples include:

  • Publicly searchable databases and directories
  • Submission forms to capture leads and inquiries
  • Feedback forms, online surveys, and registration forms
  • Data visualization using calendars, charts, and Google maps

Deploying an application on your Yola website is fast and easy. Once you finish creating an app, say a web form, all you need to do is drag-and-and drop the HTML widget wherever you’d like it to be placed on your website, and simply copy-and-paste a snippet of code within your widget. Voila! Your web form has been created in no time.

Here’s a video that shows how you can create a searchable contacts database and embed it on a Yola website in just 5 minutes:

If you have any questions regarding the use of Caspio for your Yola website, feel free to contact Caspio or join the free online training to learn more.

To test Caspio out for your Yola site, sign up for a free account.

  • micaiah

    it’s good nothing wrong

    • mykayla

      it is prety good

  • Jennifer

    Interesting. Does anyone know if this tool is capable of building a membership type application? I would like members to register on my yola site, login, be able to update their profile, AND be able to search other members. I’m not very familiar with databases but, when he mentioned “table relationships” and login screen at the end, that made me think that it is possible? That would be very exciting…

    • Guest

      I’ve been freelancing Over Internet For some Time now, completing basic jobs that only requires from you a computer and access to internet and it’s the best job i ever had… 6 months have passed since i started this And I got paid so far in Total 36,000 Bucks… Basicly I make 80 bucks/hour and work for 3-4 h a day.And the best part about it is that you can manage time when you work and for how long as you like and the Payments are weekly.

      • karen

        Jennifer I would be interested to know who you are working with to get the freelance work. I would like to be able to do what you are doing. Thanks.

    • Hi Jennifer, they also have a video that shows you how to create a membership type of application. You can watch it at

  • Had to do it

    I am interested to find out if this data base would include a type of Customer Portal. I would like to add a Portal to my website where the customer can securely log in to view their account information. For example, I have a landscape company and I would like a place for the customers to view when they are scheduled, what has been completed and any other account info they have.

  • Kaleb Penner

    I operate a wedding DJ service and our website is built with Yola. Could I use Caspio to have clients manage/update the information for their contract without having to contact me directly? Such as first dance song, additional service hours, number of uplights needed, etc?

    It is a lot of information to keep track of personally, and I do it well, but as our company grows, putting this into the clients hands seems to have numerous advantages.

  • AG

    is it possible using database funcionality to create bilingual dictionary?