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Tal.ki community forum widget now added to Yola.com

Great news! Based on your feedback, we’ve partnered with Tal.ki to bring you a new community forum widget we think you’ll love. With Tal.ki, you can embed a community forum into your free website from Yola, so your visitors can have discussions right in your site.

Tal.ki is a free and easy-to-use widget; you’ll have your community forum up and running in just a few clicks. From the Yola website creator, drag and drop the Tal.ki forum widget onto your website and sign in using an existing account, like Yahoo!, Google, or Facebook. Your Tal.ki community widget will automatically match the look and feel of your Yola website.

That’s all it takes to get your community forum up and running with Yola and Tal.ki. If you need any help with Tal.ki or any other widget, our customer support is always ready to help.

Happy talking!

4 Responses to Tal.ki community forum widget now added to Yola.com

  1. tanveer says:

    im actualy disapointed in this ‘tal.ki’ forum, it lacks modern forum software,
    Nabble on the other hand has that ‘Paid’ For Vbulletin / PhpBB feel
    but tal.ki ?
    looks like some forum which hasnt got of its feet yet…

    i wish yola contacted nabble and intergrate the nabble forums into Yola,
    makes yola so much better.

    Mailing lists, gallery, forum , newspaper , blog … nabble can do all this and is embedable
    the best part its ‘FREE’ and doesnt require upgrades which cost ‘Money’ unlike tal.ki

    • Amr says:

      Hi Tanveer! Thank you for your interest in our forum widget. There are many forum apps available and we ultimately decided that Tal.ki is a good fit for us. At the same time though, that does not stop someone from using our HTML widget and embedding a Nabble app.

  2. Sketza says:

    Do you use automated software to get followers?

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