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Take Your Site Mobile

We are exited to announce our newest feature: mobile publishing!

Mobile publishing lets you take your existing website and instantly create a version optimized for viewing on an iPhone, Android, or BlackBerry device.  The mobile version contains all of your website’s pages and information in a size that fits perfectly on a smaller screen.  If you have a business number or address, it will automatically add a “Call” and “Map” button to the top of your mobile site.

Internet usage on smart phones will soon exceed that on regular computers, making mobile sites a necessity for being well-positioned online.  With a mobile site, your customers can now connect with your business anytime, anywhere.

The feature is still in early beta testing, so please excuse us while we iron out the kinks.  But check it out and let us know what you think.  It is free to everyone with the Yola Silver hosting package.


Yola Mobile Websites

11 thoughts on “Take Your Site Mobile”

    1. I tried to arrange access with earlier generations of phones a year or two back but the default css and java lines swamped the systems, rather than trying WAP markup I tried to go towards html2 as a lite common denominator: but the yola wrappers on non gold or silver accounts defeated me.
      I do recognise the different approach, features and automated resizing/reformatting this alternative offer uses and gives, to hit an advanced browser market.
      I concur that as more people upgrade their mobile telephony terminals they are questioning the concept of going home to read things on the internet verses just whipping out a phone instead. This also has in the UK market also already dented domestic telephone coverage as our competition law says that even if bundled in a deal the braodband adsl and voiceband telephony must be available to be purchased from separate providers even if on the same physical cable.

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