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Integrating your website with your Facebook page

By now, we all know how essential it is for businesses to have an online presence. Although having a website may be the most important factor, it certainly isn’t the only one. Once your site is up and running, social media is a great compliment to your freshly-built site and can expand your online presence. Using Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter are very good ways of increasing your visibility and will in … Read more

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Debunking Yola Myths – Part 1

With a tool as powerful as Yola, at times it can be difficult to unearth all the advanced features at your fingertips. In this post, we bring clarity to four common misconceptions users have brought to our attention, so that you can get the most out of the Yola Sitebuilder. Myth #1 – “You need to be a CSS expert to build a polished website” With our newly released feature, … Read more

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Website Makeover: Henck Massage

Martin and Jennifer Henck offer a wide variety of therapeutic massage services and have been practicing for over 15 years. In addition to their extensive experience, they have a satisfied and delighted client base. Like most small businesses, attracting new clients was still a priority for them. Creating their website on Yola was an excellent first step in the right direction. Our design team reviewed their website and felt we … Read more

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How to Review and Watch Your Competitors

A Shakespearean play always has the same five-act outline. Acts I-III being the build up, Act IV being the climax and Act V is the end result. Now imagine if site building were a Shakespearean play. Acts I-III would describe the proactive steps you’d take in aspiring to build a website. Act IV would take all of the lessons learned and use them to build a skeletal structure of your … Read more

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Which way is buy? How to plan your website navigation

Have you ever visited a website that is difficult to navigate? The experience can be quite frustrating, especially if you are looking for useful information or trying to purchase a product on the website. Optimizing your website’s navigation flow can have big payoffs for your business and is an important element in amazing web design. However, many business website owners often fail to pay attention to organizing their navigation. Fortunately, … Read more

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