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Site of the Week: Trinderella

They say it’s not easy being green, but no one said it couldn’t be fashionable! Yola doesn’t require its employees to wear ties, but I’d be willing to change the dress code to sport one of Trinderella’s up-cycled tie skirts.

Site owner Tracey Trinder needed create a website to display her fashions in an artistic manner befitting her unique designs. She mentioned this was the first site she ever built but we certainly couldn’t tell!

I wanted the feeling to be bold but feminine so I used strong colours and took a lot of time playing with the layout. Because I decided to change the banner to suit the colours on each page it was important that Yola made it easy to make quick banner changes. It did! I used the page layout to good effect and found the column divider widget an invaluable tool for extending the possibilities. I had some wonderful photos to work with and once I’d used the easy to read help pages to learn how to “save for web” in Photoshop it made it really easy to prepare them and drop them into my site using the Yola widgets. The widgets are really easy to use. I loved the fact that it was so easy to put a stylish gallery of pictures in, that enlarge when you click on them. Yola really is the easy way to turn beautiful web ideas into a reality. It is quite exciting having a website you created yourself instead of having someone do it for you. It gives me complete control and I’m so proud when I get good feedback.—Tracey Trinder

We also love her stylish shop where she showcases and sells her skirts, handbags and totes. She created custom code generated from her PayPal account in order to add multiple product views.


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