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Site of the Week: Digital Retouching

Our featured site this week makes me feel oh so crafty! It’s impossible to leave Digital Retouching without the urge to create something fun.

Site owner Grace claims to be without much technical knowledge, but whatever she lacks in technical ability, she clearly makes up for with design aesthetic and a passion for her budding business.

Her wide offering of digital scrapbooking supplies offer visitors to her site a polished and easy way to showcase their photos without all the clutter and cutting of traditional scrapbooks. If you feel you don’t have the graphic design skills to build a digital scrapbook, the site also offers numerous sample layouts and valuable Photoshop tutorials.

We love how personalized this site is. Bonus points are awarded to the first poster who can name the Yola style template Grace is utilizing.


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  • rex quilla

    Very cute design, it is attractive and colorful.

  • Ixxia Quintos

    childish design, i really love it!!!
    full of colors and attractive to my eyes…
    Digital scrapbooking is really cool…

  • cesorito

    very cute, attractive ang design,mapamatanda o bata surely love your design

  • larafides

    wow! good job! truly creative designed by a creative mind.

  • Richard Palaruan

    Hi! The design is very simple. Kids would like this one.

  • Richard Palaruan

    Hi! The design is very simple yet very accommodating. The kids will like this one.

  • Very nice, lots different from the first one I saw and even more professional. Template: Tastelessly.

  • LauraT

    Diane: You got it, well done! 🙂

  • I find the best scrapbooking supplies are found around the house or at general store, such as dollar stores. Look for everyday items that you can add to your scrapbook. Around the house, the more personal an item is, the better. Items such as event programs, menus, cards, receipts, or anything else that will lend a personal touch and dress up your scrapbook are great.

  • Nice designs 🙂