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SEO Predictions for 2014

Search Engine Optimization has changed significantly over the past few years. As more and more websites become live and the competition for keywords grows, staying afloat and in front of customers becomes a true challenge.

In the last year, search engines have shifted immensely and, unfortunately, targeting keywords alone isn’t enough. However, knowing your keywords still remains important. SEO has become more and more content-centric, and this still includes keywords. What this shift really means is that creating content and understanding your keywords together are critical.

SEO also has begun to encompass the rest of marketing behaviors, such as branding, reputation, user experience and usability. Welcoming visitors to your site has become just that – a welcome to visit other pages. Marketing and building a website now has a stronger, more integrated connection for small businesses.

The Bonnie Bootleggers homepage welcomes you with just enough information to get you to click through to the next page.

As small business website owners, Yola customers can adapt to these trends by creating a better, on-page strategy. What this means is creating more pages on your website with relevant content and making sure your navigation is clear, moving each visitor to the logical next page.

These pages will likely attract newer visitors as they will target keywords and have relevant, interesting content that is associated and linked to your website. As you adjust pages or create new ones, ensure that your keywords are in the metadata as well as on the page, optimizing each page for one to two keywords.

In 2014, the key points to pay attention to is, well, all of them. In order to optimize for SEO, you will need to pay attention first and foremost to your pages and content as well as keywords, social media and relevant marketing for your website.

Have you had any success with SEO for your site? Share your thoughts and opinions on how to create SEO content for your website in the comments below.

1 thought on “SEO Predictions for 2014”

  1. Absolutely. SEO in 2014 must be like that. SEO has very much become content-centric. Though you should forget the importance of relevant keywords and social media.

    Search engine’s criteria has been changed frequently to rank a website. Infographics is another promising practice in SEO that should be crucial SEO strategy. I believe everybody needs to pay attention and keep focus on latest SEO updates.

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