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SEO Checklist

The Essential SEO Checklist

Whether you’re creating a new site or refreshing your existing website, print and save this handy checklist to guide you through the SEO process.

Before you start

  1. Decide on your goals for your SEO effort
  2. Brainstorm a list of potential keywords
  3. Use keyword research tools (link to KW article) to narrow down the keyword list
  4. Choose 1-5 keywords per page

Optimize tags and headings

  1. Add/optimize title tags
  2. Add/optimize headings (one H1 per page; no lower than <H3>)
  3. Add/optimize keyword tag  (5-10 keywords)
  4. Add/optimize description tag (40-140 characters long)
  5. Add/Optimize Image ALT Tags

Edit content

  1. Optimize current content  (1-5 relevant keywords per page)
  2. Develop new content (300-500 words per page)

Optimize links

  1. Add/optimize internal links
  2. Make sure internal links work
  3. Use linking strategies (link to articles on linking) to build links

Improve navigation

  1. Use ALT tags for image-based navigation
  2.  Add/optimize site map

Want to know more? Check out our SEO tutorials page.

3 thoughts on “SEO Checklist”

  1. Hey Nice post! Simply curious, how effective is search engine optimisation in terms of promoting an offline product or service. I see pages on a regular basis that promote a web based product (e-book, and many others), but when I want to promote say a pizza place – is the net an efficient approach to do this? Are you aware of any examples of this? Anyway, thanks prematurely for any help. 🙂

    1. Hi Abbie,
      As long as your pizza place has a website, it’s absolutely an effective approach! I can’t say I’d advise it if you didn’t have any online presence for the businesses you are trying to promote, but then everyone should have a website, so build one with and then direct traffic there! 🙂

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