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Productivity 101: Run your business like a well-oiled machine

Do you remember the days before smartphones? Back when you had to call restaurants to order food, go to the post office to have a package shipped, and drive all the way back home if you forgot the close the garage door?

While smartphones have been able to simply our personal lives with the tap of a finger, what about our businesses?

Being a business owner, we know you’ve got your hands full. And for that, we’re here to bring you the scoop on productivity tools for your business that will put some much needed (and well deserved) time back in your day.



IFTTT, standing for If This Then That, is truly a game changer. This brilliant app allows you to create recipes that will automate your day-to-day life, and your options are endless. Here’s how the recipes work: Let’s say you want a push notification on your smartphone every morning letting you know the weather. You set the recipe to say, if it’s at 6:00am, then send me a weather report. Voila! You’ll never be stuck in the rain without an umbrella again.

While there are recipes to automate your personal life, there are also an plenty more to help manage your business as well. Some of these automations can include:

  • Logging how much time you’ve spent at work into a Google Spreadsheet
  • Turning on your storefront lights every morning at a certain time
  • Adding website contact form submissions to your Evernote to-do list

Dash logo


Have you ever needed to ask an employee to run an errand, but didn’t have cash on you to front the expense?

Enter Dash.

Dash allows for business owners to manage expenses in realtime by giving employees access to corporate cards that you can fund at a moment’s notice right from your smartphone, and it does all of your reporting to boot!

Sign up for Dash today with promo code Yola1 and get a $50 credit applied to your account!


Sage One

In our last newsletter, we asked users how they track their business expenses. The majority of respondents answered that they use spreadsheets for most of their finances.

Allow us to introduce Sage One.

Sage One is an easy-to-use platform that gives you, your bookkeeper, and your accountant access to business expenses, insights, and invoices from any device. Take a bit of the burden off of your plate. Try their mobile app for free today.

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Have you ever wondered about your website’s traffic while you were out of the office? Wonder no longer. With the SiteWit app, Yola users can access their analytics right from their smartphone.

In addition to offering premium analytics, we’ve partnered with SiteWit to give Yola users access to easy advertising tools. With the SiteWit app, users can monitor their keywords and campaigns on-the-go as well.

Stay informed about your business website by downloading the SiteWit app here.