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Part 2: Sparky, Happiness Consultant

Today: His Homepage, Part 2
This week we will be taking a closer look at Sparky’s homepage, and how he’s used some of Yola’s features to create a great website for himself.


Picture Gallery
A good way of showing your products and services is by using a Picture Gallery.  Sparky has used one on his homepage to show himself with his customers, spreading happiness. Sparky put 12 photos in his gallery, but you can add any number of photos to yours.



Build credibility
Sparky has used testimonials and qualifications to confirm his legitimacy.  Recommendations from previous customers are a great way of regularly adding more content to your website and they will also help SEO. Potential customers like to hear what existing customers think of a business, and displaying professional qualifications also help to assure customers that you are a legitimate business.



Social Media
Sparky is using social media to get the word out about his site.  He added the Share Me widget to his homepage, which adds Twitter, Facebook and Google+ links – visitors to his site can then easily share and tell other people about his website.



Site sections
Sparky has made good use of the Yola Horizontal Line widget to divide up the content of the site.  This makes the content on his site neat and easy to absorb.



At the bottom of each page, Sparky has added a footer with his address and phone number.  Putting an address adds credibility and means your website is no longer faceless.  The phone number also makes it easy for customers to get in touch with Sparky.