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Now more choices with domain names

Many of you have told us you’re interested in making it easier for visitors to find your site, and that you’d like your site to feel professional.  You can achieve both of these goals with your personal web address, also known as a custom domain.

I’m excited to let you know that we’ve expanded our domains product offering so you can more easily find a name for your site, get names with extensions other than .com, and secure your website address for years to come.

  • Find a website name: Sometimes the first name that comes to mind isn’t available.  To make it easier to come up with another one you like, we’ll show you a list of available options.Choose your Domain Name
  • End with more than .com: You can now register domains with .net, .org, .biz, and, of course, .com extensions.  And we’ll automatically configure the domains for you.
  • Get multiple domains: You can assign more than one domain name to your site, which will all redirect users to your primary site.  This can also help visitors find you and improve search engine ranking.
  • Lock in your domains: To ensure you keep your web site name for years to come, you can register your domain for up to 10 years.  By doing so, you’ll save up to 20% and save yourself the hassle of renewing every year.
  • Keep your registration private: When you own a domain name, your contact details are publicly disclosed via the WHOIS database, which can result in unwanted emails.  With private registration, we place alternate information in the public database — so only relevant messages are forwarded and your junk email is reduced.

To take advantage of these new options, select “Buy my own domain name” when you first publish your site or “Upgrade to your own domain” when you update your existing site.


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  • Have just signed up with Synthasite and am moving my website over from my old host (mweb). Very impressed with the ease of doing things and the great UI. I’m used to Dreamweaver, so this is like eating chocolate!

  • Great post. Here is some caution we all need to look out for!!

    The beautiful thing about a good domain name is that every domain name is unique and can be a sustainable competitive advantage even for the “little guy”.
    But beware, I do put a word of caution out into the community that there are a lot of registrars that when you type in the name to see if it is taken, they immediately register it for themselves (if you don’t). This is a disgusting practice and from what I understand http://www.rnrstuff.net does NOT do this. That is why I use them to do the first uploads. Cheaper than almost all the big time sites but honest thus this far.

    The domain business is still “finding its way” so be careful out there.


  • jennifer

    just to say thanks

  • Re/ comment from Kathy Smathis.
    Thank you for your post. I wanted to reassure you and our users that SynthaSite’s domain product does not capture or register domains that you search on.

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  • Hi, I need to know how to sign in for my domain registrar. I bought a domain but clicking on the ‘buy domain’ link you get everytime you publich you site. Now I need to configure my DNS settings for a Mail Domain. Can anyone tell me the registrar name, and how to sign in? If it’s Yola, how do I sign in-not to my website editor, but to my actual domain?

  • adrin rogers

    Yes there is lot of option to choose the domain name. But yet we have to choose the reliable and perfect service provider domain name.

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