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Nominate SynthaSite for The Industry Standard Innovation 100 Awards

If you love SynthaSite, then this is you chance to make yourself heard and nominate us for the Industry Standard Innovation Awards.

These awards showcase the top 100 Internet innovators across 10 categories. They’re community-driven so we need your help!

Nominate us by Friday, July 18th with the link below:

14 thoughts on “Nominate SynthaSite for The Industry Standard Innovation 100 Awards”

  1. Holy bejeezus!! I’m a teacher and I’ve been looking for an ad-free web-builder for my students to create websites with in response to the literature they read!

    This site ROCKS!! I keep wondering what the catch is, but I can’t find any…..!

  2. Thanks for all the great comments. We are glad to have you all building sites with SynthaSite.

    Spoonspoof: we hope you build a brand new site with SynthaSite and that you are very happy with it!

    Thanks for voting for us, Clouda9 – you are a great SynthaSite community builder.

    MsD: We hope you and your students have a great deal of success with SynthaSite. We have gone to great lengths to ensure that there really is no catch, so we are glad you are unable to find one 😉 Free site building, free subdomain names, free hosting, no ads ALWAYS!

  3. This is the best thing I can think of on the internet. The customer service is awesome and quick to respond if you have a Question and have helped me learn how to fix about any problem I’ve had learning how to build my sites. Cant believe the features. Actually since it is all free then I guess it is friendly service 🙂 Thank you sythasite you have really helped me have hope!

  4. Just got my website uploaded, and I think Synthasite is a truly wonderful service to the cybercommunity! Thanks so much for designing this program – it’s a fine example of democracy in action.

    I had a few problems getting the hang of it, particularly getting a line of pictures in a row, but checking your support page helped, as it did with other situations.

    I don’t know how you make anything off this free site builder, or how you pay your staff, but I hope everyone’s happy there – you are all great, and I’m looking forward to developing this and other sites using Synth.



  5. After a couple of questions to the ever helpful staff (got back to me straight away)I am now on my way to developing a professional looking site AND ITS FREE!!
    Like most people I’ve been looking for a catch but I honestly don’t think there is one.

    Each time I go back to admire and develop my work (sorry and synthasites) I find something else I can use plus they contimue to develop.

    Any one interested in starting a site amateur or professional need look no further

    What more is there to say!!!!

  6. This is the easiest website for creating a complete and beautiful web site! I’ve created some pretty intricate webs from nothing before, and they were good, but this is so much easier! Love it!

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