Yola News 26

New SynthaSite Features

We’ve just rolled out some cool new features and have also fixed a few bugs. Firstly, we have integrated picnik.com’s fantastic image editor. Now you can resize, crop, rotate and adjust the colors of your pictures from within SynthaSite!

Another feature is that it is now easy to use your own domain instead of a subdomain of synthasite.com. Look out for this option when you next publish your site.

We’ve also made it easier to save your pages. An “Auto Save” feature will make sure that your latest changes are always saved. You can also create a copy of a page by using the new “Save As” action. You can find this option under the “Site” menu.

Lastly, we’ve added a mini toolbar to our widgets that will make it easier to access various editing functions (see image below). We’ll be adding more actions to the widget toolbar over the next couple of weeks and months.

These are only the headline changes, you can view detailed release notes here.

  • Congratulations, especially for the integration with picnik which I have been using a great deal; also for the upgraded saving facilities, especially being able to save a copy of a page which will be useful ( can one copy/duplicate a widget – that would save a lot of time? perhaps that is one of the next set of updates.)
    I am going now to see what else you have added!
    Joy L

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  • Hey!

    Great work, Vinny & Team! Picnik is amazing, I know, and am happy to see it on Synthasite. I also like the new front page: with the Samples! Im working my way onto that list 😉

    Anyway, I hope the blogging integration starts soon: One of the best features will be a WordPress blog: Unless your making your own Synthablog…

    Great work anyway! Fastly Growing: Better Business!


    P.S. My new name is Gizmo… So I wont be Keith no more 😀

  • Stefan Lentze

    loving the new look so much! well done to the team!

  • Monique Viljoen-Platts

    Hi Gizmo

    Thanks for the great feedback. I am glad you like our integration with Picnik!

    We know our users are really looking forward to blogging functionality and this is very much part of our planning.

    Send us the URL to your published site and we will take a look at it. I look forward to seeing what you come up with!


  • Hey!

    Thank-you so much Monique! I hope I can send you my published site: but I still need o do some work 😉

    Once again, Thanks!


  • I hope you have an easy method to insert ‘anchors’ on your list; I can’t figure out how to insert them using html (which I long ago decided I was too old to learn anyway!) Not that I am not grateful for all the recent developments . . .
    Joy L

  • Monique Viljoen-Platts

    Hi Joy

    Yes, that feature is on the list. I will make a note of the fact that you have requested it as well. You are correct that right now the only way to do it is with HTML, but hopefully we will have an easier way soon.

    Best wishes

  • Hi i am kashyap. I want to do a personal web page.

  • Monique

    Hi Kaskyap

    If you want to create a personal website then you have definitely come to the right place. You can create a site really easy and quickly with us and site building and hosting is completely free of charge!!

    Once you have created an account, launch SynthaSite and start creating your personal website. If you need any guidance on how to do this, please visit the support section of our website where you will find some tutorials, FAQ’s and a place to e-mail support@synthasite.com or post to our Get Satisfaction forum.

    SynthaSite is committed to helping you establish your personal presence online, and we can’t wait to see the cool web page you are going to build using our tool!

    Good luck with your site.

  • Jeff

    Great service, thanks. Wishlist: modifiable theme elements, like background colors, sides, more themes with changeable header images, etc.


  • i love synthasite it rocks

  • This site is pretty awesome, but I have a question; is it possible (or will it be possible) to upload audio to our sites?

    Thanks a bunch!

  • hi, does synthasite offer domain names like the one i would like to create?

  • Monique

    Hi rich

    At the moment we only offer free sub-domain names. We do not sell domain names at this time, although we plan to in future.

    However you can purchase that domain name from a service like GoDaddy.com or Register.com. You will then be able to publish your site to your one domain (but still host it with us for free)

    If you need any assistance with this, please email support@synthasite.com

    Best wishes

  • bob

    can I make multiple websites with this or is there a restricted number?

  • carran2

    Before signing up I need to know if you support animated gifs, as I’m looking for a place to display and share my work .

  • Monique

    Hi carran2

    Yes, SynthaSite does support animated .GIFS. You can add them by dragging and dropping an image widget onto your page. A file manager dialogue box will open up that will allow you to browse your desktop and upload your .GIF file.

    If you have any difficulty with this, please email support@synthasite.com


  • Well I just made a website of off synthasite.cxom and i thought it was very cool but i had a coupl of problems I were wondering If other people that come to my website can sign up for my website can that happened i have no idea how to do anything do you think you can help me out and reply to this comment it will make me fell much better if my website look a litter much better.

    Thak You,

  • Monique

    Hi Kadejah

    Well done for publishing a site! Right now we do not have a feature that allows people to sign up for your site, but perhaps we can add this in future.

    Could you email any other questions you have about your site to: support@synthasite.com or post to http://getsatisfaction.com/SynthaSite and your query will receive priority attention from our community support staff!

    Best wishes

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  • Thanks. amazing that you have great and best features than others.
    The picnik is lovely.

  • Edyta

    Hi My name is Edyta. I am so new and I am just amazed by what I heve fond on the Sintha site. But I do not know if I could set a community page over here with possibilities of having my visitors uploading their pictures and short movies? ; and also login and password creation possibilities. Thank you Edyta.

  • this is the best website

  • Nina

    I got hooked onto designing websites when I joined an IT company and happened upon Dreamweaver CS3 and bluevoda. This site is pretty good but the bluevoda software is quite something else.What we need is a software which just needs punching in the coordinates , adding everything except the kitchen sink. I was a newbie three weeks ago and now I am dreaming up my own website. Softwares are needed which do not scare newbies like I, away.Let’s see what else you have to offer before I think up more ideas to pass on to your software designing team!

  • joe

    thanks synthasite for your help in my website