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National Small Business Week: 3 Yola users to boost your inspiration

The entire Yola family is proud to support small businesses, giving them the opportunity to build an online presence on a budget and code-free. In keeping with tradition, we would like to take this opportunity in honor of National Small Business Week to showcase a few small businesses that have built great websites using Yola.

felt me up designs

Felt Me Up Designs
Melanie Ann Green graduated in 2001 with a degree in Multi Media textile design and started selling her work online in 2007. These handmade items are adorable and perfect for home and office decor. Be sure to keep feltmeupdesigns.com in mind when shopping for a present or a smile!


Valérie Lalonde
Valérie Lalonde has been translating and editing between French and English since 2008. She is experienced in many media formats and corporate settings. Providing translation, editing and proofing services, Valerie Lalonde is a one-stop-shop for your English to French and French to English needs!


Tiny Magpie
Cards for all occasions! Tinymagpie.com is a UK based card company creating “quirky style greeting cards ready for you to collect and share.” With a variety of themed and blank inside cards, you are sure to have your greeting card needs met when shopping at tinymagpie.com!

To celebrate National Small Business Week, and in an effort to get small businesses online, we’d like to make it easier than ever. Sign up for an annual subscription to Yola silver using coupon code SMALLBIZ15 through Sunday, May 10th and take 33% off!

Let National Small Business Week and these great websites serve as inspiration for your own site-building success. After all, it’s never too late to start your own business!

4 Responses to National Small Business Week: 3 Yola users to boost your inspiration

  1. Kathy says:

    I st­arted fr­eel­anci­ng ov­er int­ern­et, by comp­leting som­e sim­ple jobs that only requ­ires from you desk­top or laptop com­puter an­d ac­cess to int­ernet and I am happ­ier than ev­er… S­ix mont­hs hav­e pas­sed sin­ce i start­ed thi­s a­nd i ha­d prof­it in tot­al 36 tho­usan­d do­lla­rs… Ba­sic­ly i p­rofit close to 80 doll­ars each hour an­d w­ork f­or 3 to 4 h m­ost of the da­ys.An­d the be­st part ab­out it is th­at you can ma­nage ti­me when you w­ork and fo­r how lon­g as yo­u li­ke and t­he paym­ents ar­e we­ekly

  2. farragio says:

    I always enjoy the Yola user blog posts. It’s fun to see who else is out there building their website and business, and as the title suggests, it’s also inspiring.

  3. Alicia says:

    Get 90 bucks every day for working on-line from your home office for few hr’s each day… Get paid once a week… You’ll need a laptop, internet access, and also a little leisure time…

  4. janet.tovar says:


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