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Making Your HTML Customizations Mobile Ready

Recently, we’ve received a number of inquiries about mobile publishing in regards to HTML.

Taking into consideration that 1.2 billion people access the web through mobile phones and international mobile traffic now accounts for 15% of all web traffic, it’s no surprise that many of you tech enthusiasts want the low-down on mobile optimization.

If you have found yourself struggling to view your HTML customizations on your mobile-optimized website or plan on adding customizations in the future, we have all of the tips necessary to turn your grievances into delight!

HTML Widget
Let’s say you’ve taken it upon yourself to get your business online. Between fonts, forms and formatting, you’ve built a brilliant bakery website. However, after looking back at your page, you decide you’d like to expand your reach by adding custom social media buttons optimized for mobile browsing.

To start, drag and drop our HTML widget into the area where you’d like these icons to show.

Html Widget
Once you’ve added your custom code, check the box labeled “Display in Mobile” to ensure your buttons are viewable by desktop computers as well as smartphones and tablets.

Display in Mobile
Once you’ve finished, go ahead and click “Save” and publish your site.

Mobile Phone Publishing
Once your site has been published, it’s a good idea to review your mobile publishing to ensure it’s enabled and looks as great as you envisioned.

Hover over the “Publish” button, and click the “configure” link next to “Mobile Phone Publishing.”

Configure mobile phone publishing
Check the “Enable” box, and view your custom HTML as you would on a mobile device.

Enable Mobile Publishing
Once everything looks as you’d hoped, click “Save” and voila! Your HTML customizations are viewable on all devices.

We hope this quick tip has given your customized website the design that it needs. Mobile publishing is available to all Yola Silver and Yola Gold users – for those of you premium users who have yet to take you site to the next level, we have two words for you. Get started!

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