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How to create a great About Us page

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One of the most reliable and effective ways of turning visitors into clients is by providing a detailed yet straight-to-the-point About Us page. It is essential to have a page that tells about your business and your work. With today’s ever-developing digital communication connections, clients need to find out who you are even without speaking to you. 

Can you make a site without an About Us page? Yes, you can. But why lose the opportunity to become closer with your prospects and help them feel you share the same values?

Engaging content

The About Us page presents detailed information about your business. However, your About Us page’s success depends on how you tell the story. You should show passion and enthusiasm and narrate a personal story via your content. If you have a personal tone in front of your visitors, then it will make things more engaging. 

Also, website visitors become more emotionally invested in your brand after reading your story. If they can relate to the same values, hardships, or victories you’ve faced, you’ll start to bond more easily.

Here are the top questions you should be asking yourself when writing an About Us page:

  1. What purpose does my business serve?
  2. What niche is my business in?
  3. Why did the business get started?
  4. When did the business get started?
  5. How many people work for my business?
  6. What differentiates you from the competition?
  7. What are your core values and mission statement?
  8. What experience do you and the business have?

The About Us page is a great place to display company history. This adds value and builds trust as it supports the brand. It is also used to support your home page messaging. This carries credibility and can drive conversions when users begin to understand your business better.

What you should avoid putting on your About Us page

There are many things you should put on your About Us page, but these things you should leave out:  

  1. Long read. Writing a story that stretches over 2000 words makes it unlikely a customer will read it all. Keep it short and relevant. Avoid being too self-praising, babbling on, and going offtopic.
  2. Sales pitch. While your site visitors may be interested in your product, they go to your About Us page to know about you and your brand, not the product itself. 
  3. Stock photos. We recommend you always use the real photos of your team and office on your About Us page. The stock photos are easy to spot, and they can weaken your brand’s credibility. 

Catchy visuals

Photos, videos, and infographics can help you better engage visitors than plain texts. To make your page interesting for visitors, you can give them a peek into the backstage area and set up a personal connection with them. Also, you can showcase your business in action, for example, an employee working at a desk, a craftsman in a workshop, or a yoga instructor in the studio.  If your visitors find your page interesting, then they will surely want to know more about your product or service.

Compelling Call to Action

A Call-to-Action (CTA) button is an integral part of any business website. This button turns your visitors into customers. And your About Us page also holds power to impress your visitors. You need to ensure your visitors can access your products or services directly from this page using the CTA button.

Use these tips above to craft a really great About Me page, and keep in mind that you need to project professionalism, personality, and influence.