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Featured Website: Never Have Dry Skin

Beauty and skincare websites need to look, well, beautiful. This site does a great job of using engaging
images to sell products and takes it a step further with an online store that’s easy to use.

“It was very simple to put together and most important the store merged with my site and didn’t operated
only as a pop-up – something I have tried in the past and had very poor sales results with. It makes
on-line shopping very simple and inviting besides professional looking. Setting up the store was very
simple. Practically all I needed to do was to drag the on-line store widget in to a new page and start
loading my products. I have found that using this store customer’s purchase a variety of products than
only one. This store is easy to browse through and customers can easily find more products they need
and want. I have built several on-line stores and this one was the simplest to put together and the result
stands out as a professional job.”

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1 thought on “Featured Website: Never Have Dry Skin”

  1. Good morning,
    I was under the mistaken impression my Beauty site stood out, but Yola just slaughtered that thought- I absolutely love the clean look of the site,and the way the products are aligned. That’s the way Beauty is supposed to be presented- I’m seriously thinking of building another beauty site using Yola’s tools. Fell free to visit beauty and leave me a constructive criticism- which I hardly ever encouraged.


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