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Featured Website: Daily Cup of Fitness

For fitness professionals Karen Vizueta and Sabrina Sarabella, getting in shape and leading a healthier lifestyle isn’t something you should think about just once or twice a week—it really should be a part of your daily routine. That’s why their site, dailycupoffitness.com, provides visitors with regularly updated fitness and nutrition tips designed to “fit into any busy schedule.”

Here’s what Karen and Sabrina have to say about choosing—and using—Yola:

Being fitness experts and not technology experts, Yola gives us the user-friendly tools to get our fitness tips to our viewers on a daily basis.
We’re able to spend more time researching and writing and less time uploading and publishing. We love the fact that we can update our daily tips from wherever we are.
Our site has given us the ability to reach viewers daily and add pictures and video of fitness instruction. We now have a great site where we send our clients, potential clients and anyone we meet. Thank you for allowing us to spread and share our passion of fitness with quick and effective tips all week long!

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