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Featured Website: Anri Olivier

We’ve had the pleasure of working with site owner Anri Olivier for the past three summers in our San Francisco office. Last year her focus was on mentoring style designers and helping to prep a new batch of Yola Styles for the Sitebuilder. If you’re a Yola Silver subscriber using a Premium Style, chances are you have Anri to thank for it!

As a graphic designer she has a leg up on creating a stunning looking website filled with visual impact. Visual pop aside, Anri also implemented a clean dual navigation making it easy for site visitors to learn more about her and her projects both past and present. It’s exciting to see her design process unfold in the creation of a new logo in her current project.

“I have gotten positive feedback, which has allowed me to grow more as a designer. It has attracted a wider range of new clients, thus promoting my services and my business. Making a clean, professional website is so easy with Yola. A couple of simple steps, and you are there!”—Anri Olivier



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