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Best of SynthaSite Contest Winners

The polls have closed and we are very pleased to announce the winners of our Best of SynthaSite contest for 2009:

Category: Personal Websites
The Forty-something site celebrates the milestone in a woman’s life with sage advice, good humor and great birthday gifts across multiple pages on a range of subjects from fashion to motherhood.

Category: Business Websites
The Cosmic Sensorium site makes the most of widgets like Google Search, Disqus Comments and SynthaSite blog to showcase the unique artwork of Diogenes Lamarche.

Congratulations to the winners. They’re terrific examples of what anyone can do with the easy-to-use tools at SynthaSite. For even more tips, check out our tutorial, Creating Great Looking Websites.

It’s never too early to start thinking about the 2009 Best of SynthaSite.

34 thoughts on “Best of SynthaSite Contest Winners”

  1. I am very grateful for all the support and votes for my website ( Unfortunately, it was not selected as the final winner of the Best of Synthasite contest in the personal site category. Nonetheless, it gave me the opportunity to promote my website and to reconnect with friends and colleagues (when I asked for their votes).

    I want to thank Synthasite for providing me a wonderful tool to build my website without the worry of ads and best of all, for free!

  2. Woo Hoo!!!
    i think my website is the best website on the whole internet because mine has games, songs, and you can even google on it to anything that u want.
    i am 15 years old, my b-day is April 14th, and i live on a farm.

  3. I would apreciate you if you would send a notice before the contest is gonna start so we can all be prepared it would be nice to be involved in something so fun, ARTIZTIK and creative!! Since Iam a photographer I have tons of pictures to show evryone, who might be intrested. Although, Im happy for the winners. CONGRADULATIONS!!!!!

  4. SYNTHASITE… Thaaaaaaaaaank you!

    – Thank you for helping me fulfill to have my own website.
    – Thank you for keeping it simple, easy, and fast.
    – Thank you for the awesome experience of letting us create our own website. You made us feel very gifted.

    Most of all, for letting me post my website for F-R-E-E! FREE! I take it as a sign from God to pursue my small business intended for my family and friends use only.

    From All of Us (My Family and Friends)- Thanks so much! More Power to you SYNTHASITE!

  5. I love this site- It’s such a great Idea
    -me and my friend made a fan site for our favorite author- Sarah dessen,
    please check it out
    congradulations to those who won!!!!

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