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5 Ways Realtors Can Use Email Marketing

Guest post by Audrey Howes, Social Media and special projects for Swiftpage.

We are often asked how other individuals in certain industries use email marketing. Real estate is probably the number one industry we are questioned about. “What do other Realtors do with email?” Here are 5 practical ways some of our customers use email campaigns for real estate.

1.    Announce a New Listing or Sale

You just scored a listing in a great neighborhood. You also happen to have a list of prospects who are interested in that area. Rather than wait for snail mail to deliver listing announcement postcards, you could have an email delivered within minutes.

By using email marketing to announce your listing you will also be able to track who opens your email and clicks on links to get more information about the property. Then, you can follow up with your hottest leads. Use the same format to send a “just sold” announcement when a listing closes. It shows your network that you are active in the market and ready for more listings.

Realtor Single Listing

2.    Show Them Your Inventory

Keep your prospects up-to-date with your available listings by sending an email with a preview of some or all of the homes in your inventory. Include a picture and brief description of each home, giving the reader an opportunity to click on each one to learn more. Most Realtors we work with send listing updates about once a week.

Realtor Multiple Listings

3.    Be the Expert

In today’s market, standing out from the crowd and proving yourself as an expert in your field is more important than ever. One of the best ways to accomplish this, as a Realtor, is to send a regular email newsletter.

Include data about the market as well as your take on market conditions. Consider including external links to articles that are relevant to both buyers and sellers. Showing your prospects that you are knowledgeable about the industry puts you leaps and bounds ahead of your competition.

4.    Remember Important Dates

We all know that buying a home is an emotional process. Show your clients you care by sending an email on their home anniversary. This also helps to keep your name in front of them in case they are ready to sell or have friends to refer to you. You could also send an email on their birthdays or wedding anniversary.

5.    Partner with a Lender to Send Rates

Many lenders send weekly or even daily rate updates to their prospects. Ask one of your favorite lenders if he or she would consider allowing you to send their updates to your prospects. List their company as your preferred lender in the email.

Be sure to package the information in your template and send it from yourself to stay CAN/SPAM compliant and be recognizable to your recipients.

These 5 ideas are only some of the most popular ways Realtors are using email marketing. Get creative and see what works best for your audience by adding email to your marketing mix today. Also, don’t miss the best real estate agent website templates.

Have other ideas of how email marketing can be used for Realtors? We’d love to hear about it!

About Audrey Howes
Audrey Howes manages Social Media and special projects for Swiftpage,  a  leading provider of digital marketing and CRM solutions that help businesses grow. You can reach Audrey at

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