Site Building Advice 3

5 Steps to a Spectacular Website

Thanks to everyone who attended our 5 Steps to Building a Spectacular Website presentation during last week’s San Francisco Small Business Week. The room was packed with over 60 small business owners and we had such a good discussion during the workshop and in the Q&A that we only got to step 3 out of 5.

For those of you who’re looking for the final 2 steps and for everyone else who couldn’t attend, here’s the presentation.  Enjoy!

  • I want to thank you guys for creating such a fantastic free website builder and making it simple and understandable for us who have no programming background whatsoever.

  • Still there is a lot of things to know from yola site. Still i am a beginner in bringing my own website to be known to public viewers. Just to say I am an amateur in doing this site.

  • Thank you for a chance for myself and others,to publish websites.