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4 Great Back-to-School Marketing Thought-Starters

Vacation’s over in most places around the world. And guess what? As those kids and college students get ready to go back to school, they also set off on the second-largest spending spree of the year. Even if your small business isn’t selling school supplies or uniforms, you can still attract some of those dollars to your site.  Here are some helpful ideas to inspire you – and since it’s so easy to change up and refresh your Yola site, you’ve got the flexibility you need to launch your campaign today.

1. Start a traditional, tried, and true back-to-school marketing campaign.

If you actually ARE selling school supplies, clothing, or accessories, now’s the time to pump up your online advertising. Even if you aren’t, there are plenty of businesses and services that can help kids and teachers get ready. Hair salons, errand services, tutors – go for it! And it’s the perfect time for a “last chance” sale, to take advantage of those last golden days of vacation, too.

2. Get creative with back-to-school tie-ins.

Your small business might not be the most obvious fit for a back-to-school promotion – but get creative and you just might find the right connection. Here are a few good examples:

  • A nutrition- or food- related business might offer information, workshops, or even the services of preparing healthy school lunches.
  • A cleaning products business or cleaning service can market itself as perfect for cleaning dorm rooms (who wants to spend time cleaning?!) or sell a special “student pack” of products.
  • A watch repair business could run a “get to school on time” special.

3. Talk to parents.

Back to school means a change in schedule for parents, too – and for some, more time to pamper themselves or get to stuff they’ve been putting off.

  • Hair stylists, manicurists, and massage therapists can offer discounts with mid-day “they’ve-gone-back to school” appointments.
  • Restaurants can create special menus and/or dishes for those child-free lunchtimes.
  • Fitness studios and gyms can offer special mid-day workshops or sessions now that the kids are in school.

4. Be a teachers’ pet.

Plenty of the marketing ideas above that apply to parents will also please hard-working teachers, too. Here are a few more:

  • Special car-detailing packages for teachers only.
  • Teacher-only memberships or discount cards at educational supply businesses – or any business, really.
  • Free dinner entrée, cupcakes, or food prep for teachers during the first month of school.

These ideas are just for starters. How will your small business participate in the lucrative back-to-school season? We invite you to share your own ideas with your fellow Yola site owners right here in our comments!

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