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3 ways a custom domain will impact your business website

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A domain name is the web address your customers type into a web browsers to view your website online. Throughout this post, we’ll explain  why a custom domain is important. But first, let’s go over what a custom domain is:

  • Custom domain  – A custom domain is its own entity and looks like this:

Think of big brand websites.,, – they all have a custom domains. Having a custom domain will positively impact your website in the following three ways:

If your business name is Yummy Cupcakes your web address could be This positively impacts the branding of your business website and gives your online presence a more professional appearance. In addition, using a custom domain that matches your business name will help customers recognize and remember your web address.

Having a custom domain also means you can use a custom email address, such as This can really help your branding, as it shows you’re invested in your business. If you’re sending email campaigns to customers, having a custom email address will help your recipients recognize your business in their inbox. For example, if you receive an email from it will be more recognizable and look more legitimate than an email from

Having a custom domain has the ability to impact the credibility of your website exponentially, as it shows that you’re a real professional organization that’s willing to invest in your online brand.

Making your website look more professional by using a custom domain will go a long way to earn the trust of your website visitors, as it will help to communicate the legitimacy of your business.

Upon appearing in search results, web visitors will look at your domain to determine whether they want to visit your website or move onto the next. If your web address looks legitimate and is relevant to the keywords searched, web surfers are more apt to click through to your website. And how do you make your web address look more legitimate?

A custom domain.

Moreover, a custom domain can help your business get found online, as the domain extension you choose can have an affect on your search engine optimization.

What is a domain extension? Your domain extension comes at the end of your web address, in the form of .com, .ca, .org, among many more. Search engines tend to prioritize search results from the same country as the searcher. So if you’re a business located in Canada, and you use a local .ca domain extension, your website could be prioritized over non-local domains, if the person searching is also located in Canada. Therefore, it’s important to think about your domain extension when choosing your domain as it can impact the traffic to your website.

If you’d like to buy a custom domain for your business website, you can register one with Yola. We’ve also compiled these useful tips to help you choose a domain that’s just as great (if not better) in case the domain you want isn’t available.

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