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13 steps to a successful Online Store for the 2014 holiday season

The months of November and December are some of the busiest times for Online Store owners. With anticipation of your booming business, we’ve created a countdown detailing the steps to a successful Online Store for the 2014 holiday season.

13. Ramp up production for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

More business means more product! Set up your Online Store with products and gift ideas for the 2014 holiday season.

12. Pick your promotions

Discounts and promos and shipping. Oh my!

11. Spread the word with email campaigns

The key to successful promotions for the 2014 holiday season is notifying customers of your great deals!

10. Spruce up your online store

Cleaning wasn’t just meant for spring. Get your Online Store prepped and ready for big business.

9. The calm before the storm

In 2013, Cyber Monday marked the biggest online spend in U.S. history. What does this mean? You could be in for a crazy 2014 holiday season. Take advantage of this break, you could be in for a wild ride!

8. Black Friday

Chaos. Don’t forget to tell customers to review your store on Yelp or Google.

7. Cyber Monday

More chaos. Make sure your images are optimized so that your Online Store and website loads faster.

6. Recovery

You survived! Take some time to recover, but not too long – you have the rest of the 2014 holiday season to make your online store successful.

5. Ramp up production round two

Now that you’ve gotten some shut eye, back to the grind. Re-stock your Online Store in preparation for another busy month.

4. Make new promotions and email campaigns

You’ve done this before, you’re a professional at this point.

3. Remember to eat dinner

Coffee and sugar is not a balanced diet.

2. Come in clutch for last minute shoppers

Pro tip in dealing with last minute shoppers this 2014 holiday season: Next day shipping!

1. Celebrate your successful holiday season

You’ve made it! Congratulations – give yourself a pat on the back, and revel in your success! Put in the hard work for the 2014 holiday season; it’ll be worth the while.

Want more tips in setting up your Yola Online Store? Join us for our free live demo and Q&A where we’ll help you get ready for the 2014 holiday season.

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