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Some handy comparisons can show you the value of using an editor, like the one offered by Yola, allowing you to make your own website while automatically taking into account the complexities of the internet.

Here is a list of critical mistakes that, if you make a free website with Yola, you will never have to admit:

"I'll correct it in post-production" - once you learn how to make a website with Yola, you'll never have to write poor code and only realize at the end that it doesn't quite work. The web is dynamic, and so is Yola's way of allowing you to do all the editing you need to before simply updating your site, with no technical skills required.

"I'll throw something together" - content is king. Especially on small-time websites that don't have stable traffic lanes yet. Don't make a free website based on appearance as opposed to content. Make the headline bolder and bigger because it's good. Don't make the headline more prominent because you want it to be good. Yola elements are designed by professionals, leaving you time to create your own website with good content.

"Even so, it should work..." - Absolutely everything is standards compliant. Before you build your own website, Yola ensures that there will be no issues with browsers, software or hardware. The website builder is optimized for maximum exposure.

Take a look through someone else's eyes. View your site through different browsers. Where you choose to make your free website should depend on which one creates sites that look good on all screen types and resolutions - otherwise people will categorize you as just another wannabe.

At Yola we're here to help. It's never been easier, with our award winning website creator, to create a an online store or make a free contractor website.

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