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Featured Website: Create My Website

Steve Small of Create My Website started using Yola 8 years ago. Find out how both his website and his career evolved in this easy read! Read more

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Visual vs text content: Finding the balance on your website

Before we delve into the pros and cons of using visual or text content, let’s first define what we mean by “visual content.” Visual content can come in many forms, but the most common examples are images, video, slideshows or infographics. Visual content has become increasingly popular with many startups and high profile brands, allowing them to use strong imagery or videos as a way to instantly show prospect customers … Read more

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What to Use for Your Website and Blog: Backgrounds and Images

Have you been meaning to customize your site’s background, textures and images but don’t know how? Many business website owners fail to take the extra step to customize their site by playing around with its backgrounds, textures and images. Backgrounds, textures and images are a great way to make your business website stand out. It’s also your chance to add some personality to your website and connect more authentically with … Read more

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Website Makeover: Gemiprecious Jewellery Designs

Website owner Alda Mason creates beautiful custom jewelry that she offers for sale on her website, Gemiprecious Jewellery Designs. We wanted to help her incorporate the elegance of her jewelry designs into her website. It was evident that Alda preferred a clean and “glassy” look  based on her original website style choices and her jewelry designs. We wanted to help her maintain that aesthetic while adding in some softness and … Read more

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