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5-minute website fixes: Adding a favicon to your site

You wake up this morning, stumble out of bed and start your morning routine. Slippers? Check. Breakfast? Check. Coffee? Check.

With everything in order on this typical Friday, you login to your computer and casually browse the Internet, catching up on the hot topics you may have missed in your slumber.

First stop: CNN. You type in the URL and upon page-load, something catches your eye that you’ve never noticed before. To the left of the URL is the world’s tiniest little picture.

Favicon on CNN.com
Joyed with the daintiness of this tiny image, yet confused by how it got there, you open a new page tab and quickly browse to another website – Google. After typing in the URL, you impatiently wait for the page to load. Bam! Another teeny picture next to the URL.

Google favicon
Is this a trend I somehow missed? You think to yourself, while simultaneously going through a web browsing spree.

Airbnb favicon



Tech Crunch favicon



Dropbox favicon


It’s official. The Internet has been taken over by mini images. You need to keep up with the times – you need a minuscule picture to keep your site’s URL company. Don’t fret, as with all 5-minute fixes, we’ve got all of the details to show you how.

What are they?
These dainty details you’ve just now discovered are 16×16 pixel images called Favicons. Not only are they a great way to boost your business branding, but when it comes to having multiple tabs open, convenience is key.  Take a look at this example:

Multiple tabs open displaying favicons

Here we have a browser with five tabs open. Which of these tabs are you least apt to notice? The tab missing the favicon!

How do I create such a small image?
Don’t fret, with free tools such as Favicon Generator, debuting your cute creation is no problem. Simply upload the image of your choice, click “Create Favicon,” and Favicon Generator will do the rest.

Favicon Generator

Favicon Generator

Yola Logo vs Favicon

Yola logo turned Favicon

I have my favicon, now what?
Adding a favicon to your site on Yola is easy as pie. While in Style Designer, click the “Site” tab, and click “Favicon.”

Adding a Favicon in Yola Sitebuilder

Next, click “Upload a new favicon,” select your tiny new creation and hit “Save.”

Upload your new favicon to Yola

Once done, go ahead and publish your site. Your favicon will be live to the world!

Adding a favicon on Yola

Have you added a favicon to your site? Share it with us!

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