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SEO Predictions for 2014

Search Engine Optimization has changed significantly over the past few years. As more and more websites become live and the competition for keywords grows, staying afloat and in front of customers becomes a true challenge. In the last year, search engines have shifted immensely and, unfortunately, targeting keywords alone isn’t enough. However, knowing your keywords still remains important. SEO has become more and more content-centric, and this still includes keywords. … Read more

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5-minute website fixes: No logo? No problem.

If you’ve read our eBook Get Started Building Your Website, you know that when it comes to building professional-looking website, business branding is key. And what’s the best way to jumpstart your business branding? A logo. But like most when starting a small business, keeping costs down is important. And designers can be expensive. However, creating a logo (unless, of course you’ve dabbled in graphic design) may be easier said … Read more

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