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How to use analytics and why they’re important

You may often hear the terms “website analytics” or “site statistics” and wonder what exactly these terms refer to, and why they would useful to you and your business. Before we delve into what makes analytics important, let’s define what they actually are. What are website analytics? Website analytics are generally referred to as the measurement, analysis and reporting of Internet in order to understand and optimize website. To put … Read more

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6 Things to Check before Publishing Your Website

Article written by Steve Benjamins, founder of Site Builder Report Let’s say you’ve been working non-stop on your company’s new website, and surprise! Your boss wants it published today! You think everything is ready to be published, but it’s 5 o’clock, you’re tired and having a hard time concentrating. You hover your mouse over the publish button and hesitate. It’s a scary button. What if you missed something? Well, you’ve … Read more

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How to Make Your Small Site Look Bigger to Google

Guest post by Megan Totka, chief editor for ChamberofCommerce.com. The phrase “search engine optimization” strikes fear into the hearts of marketers, webmasters and small business owners alike. SEO is oftentimes the elephant in the room when it comes to our Internet marketing efforts; we know what we should be doing, but actually carrying out a successful, consistent strategy is much easier said than done. While the specifics of SEO may … Read more

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How to Deal with Bad Website Traffic

What is bad traffic? One of the challenges many small business owners face is getting traffic to their website, so the idea of having good or bad website traffic may seem alien. But, what happens if you realize that the traffic you’re getting to your site is completely unrelated to what your website is about? This is what we refer to as “bad traffic.” How can I find out whether … Read more

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How to Understand Your Website Traffic

Once you have built your website and started promoting it, you can start to learn more about the traffic you receive to it.  Understanding your web traffic is essentially understanding the visitors to your website (i.e who they are, where they have come from and what they did when they got onto your site). There are many tools you can use to understand more about your web visitors, some are … Read more

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