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What is a payment gateway and why do you need one for your online store?

At some point, any small business owner that wants to set up and manage their own online store would have to select a payment gateway for their store. However, many small business owners do not know what a payment gateway is or why they need one. Many are also overwhelmed by the number of solutions available online and find it difficult to determine the most important factors to look out … Read more

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Sell on Mobile and Facebook: New and Improved Yola Online Store

There’s a small typo in the sentence “These sites can provide as a good…”
Buy through FB – I believe this is an enhancement or an add on to the pre-existing ability to buy through FB Read more

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Website Makeover: Gemiprecious Jewellery Designs

Website owner Alda Mason creates beautiful custom jewelry that she offers for sale on her website, Gemiprecious Jewellery Designs. We wanted to help her incorporate the elegance of her jewelry designs into her website. It was evident that Alda preferred a clean and “glassy” look  based on her original website style choices and her jewelry designs. We wanted to help her maintain that aesthetic while adding in some softness and … Read more

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5 Ways to Get More Repeat Online Purchases

It tends to be easier and cheaper to encourage existing customers to buy again from your online store than it is to acquire a new customer. Check out these five ways to get more repeat online purchases. Read more

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4 ways to use Yola this Mother’s Day

There’s still time to show Mom how much you care, and Yola can help! 1. Create a timeline website Scrapbooks and photo albums are so 1980’s, so why not create a timeline photo website for your mom this Mother’s Day. Make use of our Picture Gallery widget or Flickr Gallery widget to showcase photos of you together. You could include snippets, articles and feature various milestones of your lives. It’s … Read more

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