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5-minute website fixes: Driving conversions with a landing page

So, upon building a business website, you’re on the hunt for ways to improve conversion rates. As always, when it comes to any site-building matter, the Yola Pros have just the antidote for your profit-building problem. The answer – landing pages. Before you get to building, it’s a good idea to get familiar with what they are, and why they’re necessary. Additionally, if you’re familiar with keywords, call-to-action buttons and … Read more

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Getting Your Site Ranked by Google: Working Smarter, Not Harder

Search engine optimization is a game that can be hard to understand for most small business owners. Even if you understand it, it can be hard to implement or even do it correctly. The first place to begin is with your keywords. It helps to develop a theme around what you expect visitors to search for when looking for your website. For example if you are a personal trainer, you’ll … Read more

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Get The Most Out of Your Business’s Google+ Page: Part One

Guest post written by Jessica Edmondson. You’ve heard it a million times. As a small business, you must have a Facebook page, and a Twitter profile, and you should also be on LinkedIn and Google+, and hey, why not throw Pinterest in there too? It’s not that this advice is wrong, really. All of these platforms can be an important part for your content marketing calendar. It’s just that different … Read more

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How to Drive Profitable Traffic to Your Website with Long Tail SEO

Guest post by Michael Leeman, investor and advisor to digital companies in South Africa and the US. From past experience in the online marketing world, I knew that there was demand for shoe size conversions. It was high value traffic and there was relatively little focused competition. I set up www.shoesizeconverters.com to profit from this demand. Building the site and purchasing a custom domain were the easy parts. Monetization would be … Read more

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