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5-minute website fixes: Driving conversions with a landing page

So, upon building a business website, you’re on the hunt for ways to improve conversion rates. As always, when it comes to any site-building matter, the Yola Pros have just the antidote for your profit-building problem. The answer – landing pages. Before you get to building, it’s a good idea to get familiar with what they are, and why they’re necessary. Additionally, if you’re familiar with keywords, call-to-action buttons and … Read more

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What is a Landing Page, and Why Does it Matter?

Imagine this scenario: After scouring blog upon blog, and reading every site building resource you can get your hands on, you feel as though you’ve learned all you need to know about building a successful website. You’ve deemed yourself fluent in tech lingo, and you have developed the use of SEO, CTA, and CTR in day-to-day conversation (or even if you haven’t). For all intents and purposes, you are nearly … Read more

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Driving More Clicks from Email Newsletters

Guest post by Dean Levitt, Chief of Culture at Mad Mimi Email Marketing. No matter what your website goal is, in order to reach those goals you need traffic. Whether you built your site to sell products, keep your local PTA members informed, or offer a service, a website needs visitors in order to achieve the goal you had in mind when building it. One of the most effective ways … Read more

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