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4 Things Your Business Blog Is Missing

Article by Kelly Gregorio of Advantage Capital Funds. These days it seems like business blogging is on every entrepreneur’s radar. In fact, with increasing competition, customer interaction and the ability to build brand loyalty and trust, it can feel more like a requirement to post. However, even if you’ve already hopped onto the business blogging bandwagon, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are thrilled with the process. As time ticks … Read more

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Don’t Just Inform Your Website Visitors… “Call Them To Action”

Article written by Leo Welder, founder and CEO of Zilker Holdings, LLC Creating a new website for your business is an exciting process. In your mind, you’ll be thinking of all the great things about you, your team, your services and your products that you want to share with your visitors. You’ll tell them why you’re the best at what you do and all the reasons people should want to … Read more

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Is Your Small Business Website On Target?

Article written by Megan Totka, Chief Editor for ChamberofCommerce.com It’s not hard to find a good-looking site. Just look around. The plethora of talent out there in terms of web design is absolutely astounding. The wealth of knowledge we have, thanks to today’s lightning fast-web, makes for great content that we’re dying to digest. Both big and small, there are many sites we see that look to be on point … Read more

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6 Things to Check before Publishing Your Website

Article written by Steve Benjamins, founder of Site Builder Report Let’s say you’ve been working non-stop on your company’s new website, and surprise! Your boss wants it published today! You think everything is ready to be published, but it’s 5 o’clock, you’re tired and having a hard time concentrating. You hover your mouse over the publish button and hesitate. It’s a scary button. What if you missed something? Well, you’ve … Read more

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How to Make Your Small Site Look Bigger to Google

Guest post by Megan Totka, chief editor for ChamberofCommerce.com. The phrase “search engine optimization” strikes fear into the hearts of marketers, webmasters and small business owners alike. SEO is oftentimes the elephant in the room when it comes to our Internet marketing efforts; we know what we should be doing, but actually carrying out a successful, consistent strategy is much easier said than done. While the specifics of SEO may … Read more

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