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Website Makeover: Food Pantry Solutions

Food Star Pantry Solutions provides software designed to make it easy for food pantries and non-profits to manage their member list and food distribution information as well as meeting their record keeping and reporting requirements. They help food pantries to be more efficient at helping others, so we were delighted for the opportunity to help them! Their original site offered valuable information and was organized nicely but it didn’t use … Read more

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Make Your Own Website: Photography

So you’re a professional photographer, and are blessed with an eye for all things film. Unlike most, when you think of resolution, it’s not regarding New Year’s Eve. You’ve managed to defy the rule of thirds and Kodak might as well be your middle name. It’s plain to see you’re a master of your craft, but your business has yet to receive the exposure you’d hoped for. After years of … Read more

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Make Your Own Website: General Contractors

So you’re a general contractor. You can estimate the time needed to remodel a home right down to the minute, recite every permit and zoning ordinance necessary in each home’s construction, and you are your own personal stud-finder. You know the difference between backfill, backflow and backhand. It’s plain to see you’re a master of your craft – but when it comes to building and promoting your website, you’re not … Read more

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Website Makeover: Henck Massage

Martin and Jennifer Henck offer a wide variety of therapeutic massage services and have been practicing for over 15 years. In addition to their extensive experience, they have a satisfied and delighted client base. Like most small businesses, attracting new clients was still a priority for them. Creating their website on Yola was an excellent first step in the right direction. Our design team reviewed their website and felt we … Read more

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Make Your Own Website: Apparel and Accessory Stores

So you were born a trendsetter, and if your parents had the ability to see exactly what your future had to hold, they would have named you Vogue. You’ve never followed a fad, because in fact the fads follow you. You’re a risk-taker in every sense of the word (or at least in regards to fashion), and if you were stranded with merely a pair of pumps, cut-off overalls and a turtleneck, within a week your new style would be hitting the runway with the name “Turtle-all Chic.” Read more

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