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How to Use Stock Photography and Not Look Like Everyone Else

Traditionally, stock photography has had a bad reputation for looking unprofessional and not looking realistic.  However, for many small businesses who do not have access to their own professional photographer, it is their only option.  Here are 4 tips on how to get the best out of stock photography: 1.  Use believable images Avoiding cliched stock images such as business people in suits or call center representatives in headsets, these … Read more

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Why You Should Start a Blog

You’ve decided to take the leap and have chosen the perfect domain name promptly after expanding your keywords, but you haven’t quite peaked the productivity levels you had planned on attaining. After little time at the drawing board, a light bulb goes off – you remember reading about Yola’s new Style Designer. You know immediately that this is the edge you’ve been looking for. You promptly reformat your website with … Read more

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