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Click the Button: Create your own call-to-action buttons in Sitebuilder

We’ve been writing a lot about how to call visitors to action and building websites that are easy to navigate. What better way to drive site visitors to the next page on your website than with a button? Now available in the Yola Sitebuilder, the new Button Widget allows you to create your own call-to-action buttons from “Learn More” and “Download” to “Request a Quote” and “Buy Now.” Buttons are … Read more

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Small business mistakes to avoid in 2014

A recent study has shown that there is huge potential for small businesses to improve on their lead generation tactics. The “Small Business B2B Call to Action Study” looked at the websites of 200 US based small businesses with fewer than 100 employees, and found that many of these websites fail to include relevant and effective calls-to-action. In this post we examine some of the main findings of the study, … Read more

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5-minutes website fixes: Look like a big brand with a custom footer

When it comes to the design of big brand websites, there are a few things they rarely stray from: clear calls-to-action, a memorable logo, and a custom footer. Although your site’s footer may not grab the attention of your audience the way a call to action or a logo would, it should not be dismissed – a successful footer can act as a right-hand-man for your site’s navigation. These footers … Read more

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Where to put a call to action on your website?

If you haven’t learned by now, calls to action (CTAs) are extremely important for any website, especially for small business. They drive users to the next step – to, you know, take action. If you’re stumped on what action they should take, we’ve talked about it a lot over here and here. Not every small business will want a call to action to be “Buy this thing right now.” You … Read more

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