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Get The Most Out of Your Business’s Google+ Page: Part One

Guest post written by Jessica Edmondson. You’ve heard it a million times. As a small business, you must have a Facebook page, and a Twitter profile, and you should also be on LinkedIn and Google+, and hey, why not throw Pinterest in there too? It’s not that this advice is wrong, really. All of these platforms can be an important part for your content marketing calendar. It’s just that different … Read more

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5 tips to running your business throughout the holiday season

That time of year has finally rolled around where we wind down, and enjoy our much needed break for the holidays. However, when it comes to running your own business, going on leave isn’t always an option. Though going on vacation may not be in the cards, we have a variety of ideas for the next two weeks to keep your business chugging along into the new year. 1. Schedule … Read more

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7 Blog Post Ideas

Keeping your small business’s blog popular with your audience and search engines alike requires ongoing diligence. You need to routinely add fresh, relevant, high-quality and original content. But writing new posts on a regular schedule can be a tall order! To help you keep up a healthy pace, this article will provide some general ideas for posts that are not necessarily directly about your business. 1) How To’s and Tutorials … Read more

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Why You Should Start a Blog

You’ve decided to take the leap and have chosen the perfect domain name promptly after expanding your keywords, but you haven’t quite peaked the productivity levels you had planned on attaining. After little time at the drawing board, a light bulb goes off – you remember reading about Yola’s new Style Designer. You know immediately that this is the edge you’ve been looking for. You promptly reformat your website with … Read more

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