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How to Leverage Local Listings for Your Small Business

If you are a small business owner that does in-person business, for example a clothing store, salon, plumbing service and the like, you’re constantly looking for new customers. Once you’ve got your website up and running and started on SEO and SEM, how else can you leverage the Internet to introduce new customers to your business? The answer is local directory listings. Local listings are that special section on search … Read more

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SEO, SEM and PPC: An Easy Intro for Small Business Part 2

Last week, this series started off with an introduction to SEO, now we’ll help you get acquainted with SEM and PPC. Since you’ve optimized your site, now it’s time to actively recruit customers. You can do this with paid search, or online advertising. When you search for something using a search engine, whether that’s Google or Bing, there are two kinds of results: there are the organic results (free) and … Read more

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SEO, SEM and PPC: An Easy Intro for Small Business Part 1

You’ve heard these acronyms flying around. But what the heck are they? Why do they matter to you as a small business or website owner? They matter because we live in a world where Google is a verb (not just a company).
The Internet is the first place most people, including your potential customers, will go to search for anything they’re looking for. The bottom line is that you want them to find you! Read more

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