Publishing to a domain you already own

If you have already bought a domain somewhere else, you can point it to Yola by creating two A records which point to Yola's IP address:

An A record is used to direct a domain name to the IP address of a hosting server (in this case Yola). This means that your domain is still registered with your registrar, but it can be used with your Yola site. 

Please note that this is only available to Yola Bronze, Yola Silver and Yola Gold subscribers, and certain partner programs. 

You will need to contact your domain registrar for instructions on how to access your domain settings to point your domain to Yola. Here are a few specific domain registrars which provide you with detailed steps on how to set up your A records.

You can also transfer your domain to Yola, for more information: Tutorial: Transferring your domain to Yola.

These are general instructions on how to configure your domain to point to Yola. If you require specific help with the interface of your domain name registrar, we recommend contacting them for support.

How to configure a domain name you already own:

  1. Log in to your chosen domain registrar (e.g., GoDaddy.com, 1and1.com).
  2. Go to the DNS Management page.
  3. Set up two A records.
  4. The IP address of the records must point to

To set up the two A records:

  • Some domain registrars require one A record with the hostname "@" and one with the hostname "www".
  • Other domain registrars allow you to create one hostname called "domain.com" and another "www" (replace "domain" with your own address).
  • Both should point to our IP address:

If you require assistance with this, please contact your domain registrar.

Please note: It can take up to 48 hours (although usually less) for these changes to take effect and you need to contact your domain registrar if you need help in that regard. Feel free to forward any instructions you receive from them to us so that we can advise you further.

Once you have configured your DNS settings, to publish your unpublished site to your pointed domain:

1. Open your unpublished site in the Sitebuilder. Click Publish.

2. In the "Already own a domain?" section, click Point your domain now.

3. Enter your domain name.

  • If the domain is correctly set up, it will say "Congratulations. Your domain is pointed!".
  • If your domain is not correctly configured, it will say "Sorry. This domain is not pointed correctly". You will need to go back to your domain registrar and double-check your settings. 
4. Click Next to publish your site to your domain. 
If your site is already published to a Yola subdomain:

1. If you are in your Sitebuilder, you need to go to Menu > Domains

2. If you are already on the My Yola page, click Domains in the top toolbar. 

3. Under the section "Add a domain you already own", click Want to keep your domain registered with another registrar?

4. Type your domain name into the required field, and select the site you'd like to use it with.

5. Click Add.

6. Follow the steps provided.

7. If your domain redirects to your subdomain, you can change it by following the steps in this tutorial.

Once your site is published to your domain, you will be able to edit your site in the Sitebuilder and then make it available online by clicking the Publish button.

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