I want to create logins for visitors to my site - how do I do that?

Currently, we don't have a member registration and login feature yet, but we hope to add it in future. We know that many people would like to have people register for accounts and have logins for their sites. We will need to do quite a bit of development to make this possible, so we can't make any commitments about if or when this feature will be released.

The development work that is required includes making it possible for each user to have their own database for their websites, which has to be able to "move" with them wherever they take their sites. Owing to the size of this project, and the complicated requirements, we don't expect it to be built soon. It is rather a medium to long term project. If you would like to keep abreast of our new feature releases, consider subscribing to our newsletter! 

In the meantime, you can password protect pages using our Password Protection feature, which allows you to create a private website, or make part of your site private, by password protecting certain pages on your site. Take a look at the Password Protection tutorial to get started: Adding Password Protection.