How do I add a flash banner to the top of my page?

You can definitely add a Flash banner to your site, but not in the banner position of a style that has a changeable banner. This is because the banner area does not support .swf files.

You can, however, choose a style that does not have a banner image area and place a Flash Widget at the top of the page and into that your Flash file.  You can use a style called "Skyline" which includes the option to remove your banner area. Here's the steps for this:  

1. In your Sitebuilder, go to Style > Styles > Recommended.

2. Select Skyline.

User-added image

3. Then, go to Style > Settings > Style Designer.

User-added image

4. Scroll down to the bottom and uncheck "Display Banner".  

User-added image

Once you've selected your style, here's how to add a Flash file to your page:  

1. Go to Widgets > Media.  

2. Drag and drop the Flash SWF Widget onto your page.

User-added image
3. You can either upload a new Flash file, or browse for existing files.

User-added image 
4. Once you have selected your file, it will display in the editing dialog box.  

User-added image
5. If necessary, edit the width, height, alignment and margin of the file.  

6. Click "Save".

If you upgrade to Yola Silver or Yola Gold, you will have access to the Site CSS feature and can use CSS coding to remove the banner area!