Adding pictures to my text

You can add pictures in a few ways but did you know that you can add a picture inside a Text Widget?

To add pictures using the Text Widget, follow these easy steps:

1. Go to Widgets > Popular.

2. Drag and drop a Text Widget onto your page.

User-added image

3. Click the "Picture" button (the icon that has a mountain scene) on the Text Editing Toolbar.

User-added image

4. A dialog box will open up and allow you to upload or browse for an image. 

User-added image

Using the Text Widget allows you to insert a number of pictures in the same text box. You can add as many pictures in a row as your chosen style will support. Separate each picture by one or two spaces for the best results.

You can also place a picture and text side by side (text wrapping):

1. Once you have added your picture, select it by clicking on it.

2.  You will then see two new buttons on your Text Editing Toolbar: A picture with text on the right (Wrap Left) and text on the left (Wrap Right).
Select the option that suits you and start typing.

User-added image

3. Your text will then wrap around the picture.