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Adding Google Maps

A Google Map is a great way to point out the location of your business or of an event.

Here's how to add a Google Map to your page:

1. Click on Widgets > Popular.

2. Drag and drop the Google Map Widget onto your page.

User-added image

3. Enter your address in the "Search" bar when the Google Map dialog box pops up. 

User-added image

4. The dialog box also allows you to set the size and zoom of the map. To adjust the width, height and padding click on the "Settings" tab. You can select whether you want it to display as a map, satellite image or a hybrid of the two.

User-added image

5. Click on "Save" in the bottom right hand corner of the box.

6. The map will be embedded in your page.


If you want to include directions with your Google Map, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Google Maps.
  2. Enter your address in the box provided and hit enter.
  3. On the far right side of your map, click on "Link".
  4. Under "Paste HTML to embed in website" copy the code provided.
  5. Back in the Sitebuilder, drag and drop an HTML Code Widget onto the page and paste in the code.
  6. Save and republish your site.