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Web Design Tips from Yola Buildathon Contest Grand Prize Winner Made by Hol

When launching the Yola Buildathon Contest, our anticipation of its success couldn’t hold a candle to the actual outcome. We were flooded with site submissions and amazing ones at that. Upon contest close, we were tasked with the job of declaring a winner – a more difficult undertaking than any of us had realized. After a long evening full of coffee and tough decisions, we finally had our Grand Prize … Read more

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New eBook! Get Started Building Your Website Part One: Planning

Building your own website shouldn’t be a pain or require a ton of technical skills, it should be easy and fun. That’s one of the many reasons why we built Yola Sitebuilder. Whether you have a business or just want your own site, understand that you are more than capable of creating one yourself. Actually, the hardest part about building a website is deciding to do it. People often get … Read more

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5-minute website fixes: Create a custom color scheme from your own site images

So, you’re building a site in the hopes of dominating the Yola Buildathon Contest, but where your layout skills peak, your color choices plummet. Relax your mind, you savvy site-builder, you. In a mere five minutes you’ll have the color scheme of your dreams and be well on your way to publishing. Today, we will be using the The Cozy Cakemaker as an example. To start, locate an image that’s … Read more

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